Saturday, August 12, 2017

My Heart is Full

My Xavier turns 14 today....yes, fourteen! I can hardly even bear to type that out! How has he grown so much, so quickly? The picture above was taken this morning and just doesn't do him justice. He's such handsome fella. The photo is a bit blurry (but when I used the flash it was just *too* bright).

He'll be getting a haircut later from his dad. Right now he is riding his four-wheeler (an older one that he saved up to buy). He has worked at my dad's garage most of the summer. He has learned a lot and will continue to learn over the years. I believe that is the profession he wants to go it is perfect for him to be learning a lot early! :)

We are so thankful that the Lord blessed us with Xavier. He adds so much to our family and we love him so much. I am sure he will enjoy today to the we are starting our homeschool year on Monday and I think out of all my children, X is the least excited! Ha! :) 

Below are some photos of our days as of late...

Above, Madelyn is feeding Porky...Pa's calf. And below is a picture of her in a shirt my aunt got her for her 16th birthday. I thought she looked absolutely adorable and took a picture!

Mickey...going for a ride with me...

As I mentioned before....we are starting our homeschool year on Monday ~ so organizing and planning have been happening around here!

 Although I am not wishing summer has been cooler lately so I couldn't help but burn some fall candles. Fall scents are my absolute favorite!

Canning peaches....

Cash (who has been tolerating Mickey now ~ yahoo! I wouldn't say they are *friends*...but there is no real fear of them attacking each other either! Whew!)...

My new back porch is about finished! I will share pictures soon! The only bad thing is that it makes the living room a lot darker. I figure it's just another reason to burn some candles! ;o)

We have definitely been keeping busy around here....I think I canned over 50+ quarts of green beans and have done some peaches as well. My corn *has* now started to grow....quite late though so I don't think I will get any edible corn from the plants. My pumpkins are growing beautifully that is exciting! :)

In addition to gardening/harvesting, I have been teaching spin, organizing/cleaning the house, cooking a lot (especially when family comes over to help work on the back porch), school planning, mowing and the like! Whoever called them "lazy days of summer" must have had servants to do all their work! haha! There is definitely no laziness around these parts! :o)

Thank you so much for visiting today!
I hope your weekend is absolutely lovely!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"August is like...

 ...the Sunday of Summer."


August has flown in and taken me quite by surprise. The summer has gone by in the blink of an eye and we will be starting our schooling again quite soon! I plan on actually doing some homeschool planning today (if there is time).

I have been harvesting green beans from our raised beds and big garden. We have lots and lots of them! Such a blessing! I canned last week, all day yesterday and have some to do today as well. My mom got me some peaches as well so I am sure I will be doing those soon too!

These pictures just show my first couple batches from the canner. There are more to follow! ;)

I made a new sticker kit and it is now up for sale in my shop! Aren't the fall colors so beautiful!? I am so looking forward to the Autumn air and beauty but I must admit ~ I am not truly ready to say good-bye to summer!

Mickey loves to be outside. We must take him around on a leash though...or he will run off...little stinker! He loves to be with us but also loves to explore! As I type he is laying at my feet after a busy morning...

The sunshine has been absolutely perfect for drying our clothes! It is *such* a great money saver and truly...the smell of line-dried clothes can't be beat!

My raised beds have been taken over by my pumpkins! Next year, I am totally planting the pumpkins in the big garden! This is just ridiculous! I know it looks like a weedy mess but it's not weeds! Just a pumpkin vine take-over!

They have even crossed over to try and get at my second raised bed. It's like it has a mind of its own!

It has been a bit too hot for me to go for any runs outside lately. I have still been teaching spin twice a week though and mowing a lot. That helps me get lots of exercise! :)


It really isn't fair of me to post photos of Mickey and not have any of Cash! We still love our Cashers! We just *so* wish they could tolerate one another. We have been working with them...hopefully over time things will be better. This keeping them separate and us splitting time between the two to make sure they both feel loved is crazy!

To do lists....(right now, though, all the tasks are done on Tuesday's list and I am working on Wednesday's list.)...

More canning yesterday...

I harvested some peas from our garden. It was a perfect amount for I think he's the only one in our family who likes them. I cooked them up for supper along with meatloaf, cous cous, and green beans from the garden...

Mickey is just so super cute. The pictures don't do him justice. I had to use the flash because he moves so much (ever pic without the flash was blurry because of all his movement!). I am not a huge fan of pictures with the flash though...they just make it all too shiny/bright. Oh least you can actually see his face here! :)

I did three batches of beans in the canner yesterday and think I will get one more batch today! :) They will be so enjoyed this winter!

That morning sun is bright! :)  These jars just need washed, labeled, and the rings taken off and then they will go down on the shelves in the basement!

Madelyn made some cinnamon rolls from scratch. It was a recipe that had her put them in cupcake tins so they were all small and cute!

She made some icing as well. I didn't have one but everyone else said they were really good!

Summer is busy, busy, busy! I have more to do today and if I do get some down time I plan on spending it reading. :)

I hope your week is enjoyable so far...find joy in the little things! Smile more and pray often! Busyness isn't always bad. There are seasons of busy that just need to be done. Gardens need tending and homes need to run smoothly (as well as be tidy and organized!). What we must do is focus on doing things to the glory of the Lord ~ and finding the joy in the work He has given us. It makes the *doing* so much more enjoyable when you know that it serves a greater purpose ~ glorifying God! :) 

Happy August friends!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Our Newest Addition!

We adopted a rescued cocker spaniel! His name is Mickey (he was already named) and he is just perfect! He is beautiful, fixed, housebroken, and playful! He is approx. 3 years old.

We just love him! The pictures just don't do him justice! :) He seems to love us too!

The *only* problem is that Cash (our 10 year old Australian Shep/Lab mix) does NOT like him at all! We have to keep them completely separate. We are hoping that over time, they will learn to tolerate each other!

You can see above that Mickey fits perfectly with me in my chair in the living room! He is a snuggler...but he also likes to keep *moving* (thus why it is difficult to get a good picture of him).

So we are adjusting to a new dog here as well as our normal doings/ comings and goings! :o) I have to get going...just wanted to pop on real quick and share our newest love with you!!

Have a great week!
Katy :)

Monday, July 24, 2017

Of Tea Parties, Babies, and Banjos!

Good morning friends! :) I have much to do today but I wanted to quickly share some photos of lately while I had some time! 

Madelyn and Jaxson wanted to have a tea party and they invited Xavier to attend as well...

They had little sandwiches, apples, raisins, cranberries and tea (of course!)...

Jaxson always cracks me up when he wears his "mad hatter" hat...and where more appropriate to wear it than to a tea party!?

Last week, Madelyn and I were able to carve out some time to drive over to my sister's place and visit with the girls and their newest addition...little Dusty...

Oh how wonderful it was to snuggle this wee one! He is just *super* sweet!

Don't worry...I did share him *a little bit* with Madelyn...

Because of Dusty's birth and then a sickness that had hit their house ~ they couldn't make it to Madelyn's 16th birthday they had fun giving her gifts while we were there. Aunt Devon also made her a blueberry cobbler!

We harvested our first little batch of green beans the other day and had them with supper. They are absolutely perfect!! These were just from some of the plants in our raised beds. We have more planted in the big garden that I will can when they are ready!

The photo below is a bit blurry...but if you would like to watch the video of X playing his banjo (at our local county fair this weekend) you can go HERE. He won second place! :)

So that's a little peek into our days. We have been keeping mom hasn't been well so caring for her has been top priority this past week. The normal jobs of being a wife, mother and homemaker have been tended to daily as well!

It's hard to believe we are almost to the end of July! The time is flying by much quicker than I would like. We usually start our schooling we'll be preparing for that soon. Madelyn would like to get her driver's permit as she's been taking online practice tests in preparation. People are growing and days are flying by and it's just so bittersweet! Even when trying to enjoy the little moments...they are gone before I know it!

Thanks for visiting! I've got clothes out on the line, the bed is made and there is more to do!

I gotta run! Have a great week!